Customer Verification (KYC)

Protect your transactions with our Customer Verification (KYC) process.
About Customer Verification
As a measure to protect our business platforms from being utilised for fraudulent transactions, all customers are required to complete the Know Your Customer verification process. We are mandated by the Government of Canada to collect identifying information from individuals and businesses who utilise our services. It also enables us become familiar with our customers to ensure that our products and services are tailored to suit our customer needs.
The information that you provide is safely stored and highly secured. We affiliate with third party cyber safety providers to ensure customers’ information is protected. We will never sell, transfer or wrongly utilise your information. Be rest assured that your information is safe with us.

Completing verification is easy
1. Visit the customer verification page.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen
3. Take a photo of the front and back of your government issued identity card: Driver licence, PR card, Valid international passport page, residence permit etc.
4. Take a live selfie of your face and that's it.

You will receive a notification to confirm your verification.

Sometimes we may need more information from you to complete some transactions. If that be the case, we would contact you directly by email.

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